Start raising funds for you organisation now!

Are you looking to raise funds for your club or charity?

British Sports Museum’s fund raising memorabilia auctions can help you raise £1,000’s of pounds for your organisation with the minimum of effort.

Moving your auction out of the event hall and onto the internet transforms the volunteer-intense fundraiser into a fun online shopping experience that reaches an entirely new audience beyond your usual donor lists. It’s a way that you can promote your unique items to compassionate shoppers who welcome the ability to give twice – once by buying an item for themselves or loved one, and once again to helping your organisation/charity.

The internet shopper also enjoys grabbing some great deals, while also helping to raise money for a deserving cause.  More and more non-profits  orgenisations are discovering how successful online fundraising can be, so how does it work?

  • BSM provide you with a catalogue of hand signed and authenticated sports memorabilia, from which you can choose which items to put in your auction
  • Choose your items and BSM will give you your own auction page from which your auction will be run.
  • Each item will be listed with a starting price of at least half the RRP, leaving a healthy premium for your charity. We will also provide you with a suggested minimum bid price above the consignment rate to ensure that your organisation maximizes funds and that all autographed items sell.
  • We will handle the credit card payment and dispatch. Two weeks after the auction ends your organisation receives a cheque for  the funds that you have raised.

Auction images